At BHS, our focus is on delivering superior investment ideas, exceptional market intelligence and outstanding execution to our clients.
As a premier brokerage firm, we draw on our extensive experience to ensure our clients can achieve robust performance from their investment portfolios.
We employ a highly experienced and professional team of traders, market experts supported by cutting edge technology to provide outstanding service that is focused on individual client needs and objectives.
We are agile and dynamic in our approach, and we are committed to executing business on the most competitive terms.


Through our platform, clients will have full access to Nasdaq Dubai Futures offering, enabling them to take advantage of price movements of shares. Futures are a great vehicle for hedging and managing risk and allows traders to benefit from volatility in a particular equity. It also enables traders to get short exposure on a stock by selling a futures contract.


This tool offers you a user friendly and highly secure platform to track the market in real time, analyze trends as they happen and take action when the time is right, through Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.


We offer a competitive and robust Margin Trading platform where clients can leverage their initial investment capital to purchase of more stocks, while using them as collateral. We have a highly risk management trained team to manage margins upon market fluctuations.


To cater for the various needs of our clients we provide Islamic trading option where our clients can trade Sharia-compliant securities approved by the Unified Committee of Islamic Banks, and the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board of Dubai Financial Market. Our systems are designed to filter Sharia approved securities for the clients that require this specific access


We cater to the particular needs of High Frequency Trading firms. BHS has developed for clients an HFT optimized infrastructure, utilizing advanced hardware and connectivity technology. Offering DMA with sponsored access, valued added co-location and proximity services, Low-Latency FIX protocol, and Data Centre hosting services, we develop the precise solutions that our clients need.


BHS management’s long presence in the UAE, and its association with KBBO Group forms great accessibility to investors and business leaders in UAE and the region, which BHS can play the role of introduction to deal in financial products offered by any financial institution.