Hani Buttikhifbtwli


Currently appointed as the Advisor to the Chairman of KBBO Group. British-Jordanian Hani Buttikhi has curated an extensive career in the investment and finance world.

A well-known financial personality in the UAE, Hani Buttikhi serves as the strategic advisor to the group Chairman. Mr.Buttikhi is a graduate from Kent University in the UK and has joined the leading UAE financial services firm SHUAA Capital in 2006. He served as head of syndicate, successfully overseeing several high-profile projects and landmark transactions,including the largest IPO in the UAE with Dubai Ports, worth an estimated four billion USD.

Mr. Buttikhi is a board member of various KBBO subsidiaries,including those in the financial services, healthcare, technology and manufacturing. He also currently serves as Chief Investment Officer for Centurion Partners. His strategic vision and dedication to excellence has fueled the growth of the KBBO Group, by expanding its current areas of business as well asventuring into new areas. He contributed to the formation of the Guggenheim KBBO partnership, a business he also oversees on a daily basis.

Mr. Buttikhi is also on the board of directors of NMC Health, Travelex, Hakkasan and One Financial a FSA regulated firm based in London.